"Promotions and events put our clients on the map and generate sales."
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It is the classic grand opening marketing campaign…a community minded business partners with a local charity to help support its good deeds; direct mail is sent to thousands of homes; print and radio advertising is placed (often with a live remote attached); public service announcements are written and run; news releases and media alerts are sent, generating pre- day-of, and post-event print and broadcast media coverage; announcements on influential web sites are posted; local leaders and celebrities are brought together to cut the ceremonial ribbon; then refreshments, decorations, prizes, and other extras are added to highlight the occasion.

We have created and implemented dozens of such successful promotions and special events - grand openings, anniversary celebrations, grass roots campaigns - which have helped put our clients on the map and generate sales.

ENAZ On The Park/O'Toole's of Libertyville $5,000 Fall Fashion Soiree fund raiser.

Wyatt Austin Jewelers - Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony video.

Click to see Steinhafels/Simmons Bedding Company fire station makeover

Click to see CBS2's coverage of A Guy, A Girl on a Bench Fundraiser.

But that's not all. We are:

  • A leading sports industry marketer supporting football, judo, golf, bowling, bocce, and poker industry events and products.
  • Award winning, helping introduce the Survive Alive Mobile Fire Safety House to Chicago Public School students at dozens of schools, personally arranging for the Mayor of Chicago to participate in a campaign launch event.
  • Implementers of hot dog eating contests, egg roll eating contests, and comedy clubs.
  • The first company to run Santa Clauses on the sands of Oak Street beach in July promoting to mall managers their Christmas availability (which generated worldwide media coverage).
  • The company which stationed a psychic in the drive through window of a local bank to give astrological readings to motorists whose donations helped financially support a cancer patient.
  • The representative who arranged for over 100 restaurants to showcase their cooking skills and/or signature dishes live on Chicago television and radio shows.
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