Sigale Public Relations generates traffic and media interest for our clients. Web traffic can be great assuming your company is ready. We work with our clients to ensure their web site, blog and/or e-commerce store are ready for the media. Ready for customers. And ready for the world.
Sigale Public Relations delivers internet traffic and sales.

Web Sites and Hosting
Sigale Public Relations has worked on global websites for Motorola, Sears, Hewitt, Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins. We provide expert strategy, design and coding. We like to keep the web site visitor engaged. Some examples of our work include Luna Flooring Gallery and The Lake Forest Club. We also know the value of search and mobile, today they are tied together.

We make it easy by hosting our own websites for our clients. This includes real-life customer support.

We have provided extensive print design and production to our clients to help them expand their content offerings. Direct mail is a strategy to reach clients at their home and business. Using the latest strategies Sigale Public Relations designs and delivers the kind of traffic you are looking for in an ongoing effort. We have designed full color large format catalogs, lawn signage, magnets, business cards, posters, framed prints, and more. Each printed item lasts in the mind of viewer, and can market the organization for years to come.

Social Media
Do you connect? Do you really or more likely just share a special? Sigale Public Relations builds social media solutions to help sell both products and services. We work with your company to help create or improve your connection to the publiic via social media. We offer a turn-key solution which makes it easy for our clients.

Email Blasts and Newsletters
Does every person who visits your web site get the chance to sign up for your newsletter? No! They should. Don't worry if you don't have a newsletter yet, Sigale Public Relations can help design and write it. Newsletters, email blasts, and regular permission-based email communication is a great way to keep in touch with clients, customers, and window shoppers. Let Sigale Public Relations assist you in building a distribution list - a key asset of any business.

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